Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

Let me help you take back your health, create a foundation for optimal health with personalized nutrition and lifestyle solutions to reduce inflammation, restore your health and prevent degenerative diseases, in order to be healthy and active…now and in the future. Our Bio-individuality program is specifically designed to help you experience whole person care that gets to the root cause of your symptoms. We strive to provide preventive health and optimize wellness from inside and out.

Dr. David Vargas has over 25 years experience and brings a new and innovative approach to health and wellness. 


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Have you been to multiple doctors and are frustrated because you feel unheard and are not getting the results you want? Are you curious about getting to the root cause?

Learn more about our approach!

Dr. David Vargas is a Chiropractor/Acupuncturist and Functional Wellness expert serving Fort Wayne and the surrounding area in person and virtually. Our Natural healing facility and our team at Advanced Healing Center are committed to providing holistic health care which may include Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Nutrition solutions to address your unique needs, whether you are experiencing chronic pain, headaches, digestive/gut issues, fatigue/low energy or even stress and tension…

Dr Vargas does an amazing job of providing a holistic, individualized and person centered approach to supporting wellness. I have been seeing Dr Vargas for just over a year. I was looking for a chiropractor due to chronic back pain from years working as a nurse. When I spoke to him, he emphasized the need to not just treat symptoms, but to treat the entire body system and to support healing from the root of the issue. True to that over the last year I have seen numerous improvements in every area of my health. The biggest change has been in the reason for my original visit, prior to seeing Dr. Vargas I had back pain nearly every day, and sciatic pain that would make my leg numb down to my foot. The pain was interfering with every aspect of my life and it hurt to pick up my children. Today, I hardly think about my back and the pain is a distant memory. I am active, it no longer hurts to pick up my kids or walk. Healing has extended far beyond this and I am will continue my wellness journey with the support of Dr Vargas. I encourage others to consider exploring if Dr Vargas could support your self-care, wellness and healing journey too.

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