Success Story Videos

After only 4 months of treatments Doug's heart has improved remarkably!

“My score of 19 went down to about 4 1/2, so a vast improvement with the supplements that Dr. Vargas had me take. I talked to my medical doctor and he told me that score and said the stuff he was doing would not have done that, he was very happy with the work Dr. Vargas did to reduce the blockage in my valve”.

Patti's Changes have been dramatic in a wonderful way!

Patti’s first visit with Dr. Vargas was Oct. 2022… She could hardly walk to the car without needing someone to help her and she scored her self a -6….fast forward 7 months and Patti celebrates a score of 8 1/2 with her husband.

Dr. Vargas has changed Camielle's life!

Camielle has been on this journey for 11 years. She saw doctor after doctor and no one could help her.. She found Dr. Vargas and she said her life has changed drastically due to the holistic approach they took.

Bryan's Story of His Wife's Triumph With Dr. Vargas After Her Heart Attack!

"We had a hopeless situation and Dr. Vargas gave us hope!  We got success! Not just success, Transformational Success!

"I Would Recommend To Everybody!"

" I feel much better. I feel great! So much energy...!"

Cardiologist was surprised that he is still living thanks to our care!

“When I first met Dr. Vargas I thought I was going to be crippled for life. Nobody could help me, I went to every doctor I could think of and I even went to see a cancer doctor. My neck and back were so bad that I couldn’t turn my head, I couldn’t look up, I couldn’t do any of this. Now I can!”

Success With Overall Health!

“It’s helped my overall life, my body feels a lot better and I’m able to do things with my kids and stuff so it’s been great!”

Regaining Health Naturally!

“He just cares for his patients and took the extra time to make sure that I was feeling my best before I left and you know that’s something that stands out to me and is very, very helpful and is something that I would recommend to anybody out there.”

Doctors are surprised he is still Alive!

Jack first came to Advanced Healing Center to get help with his sinuses and Dr. Vargas ended up providing  treatment for his heart, liver and Kidneys as well as his sinuses!

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