"Above all I began to think it was possible that the lump could disappear. I had positive steps to take. I began to look at my body and breast in a new way. I took my body less for granted. Was more appreciative and in awe. I became more aware of all my body's functions, especially digestion and elimination.I breathed more deeply, had better posture. Was less fearful, more and confident and happy. Went for breast check-up with surgeon. Lump gone!!"
Sister Judy Turnock
After approximately four months of the holistic approach to Arthritis, combined with acupuncture, spinal adjustments, and nutritional supplements, my body, for the first time, experienced pain free body movements. I cannot explain with expertise every healing method used on my behalf, but my holistic lifestyle has changed my body, mind, and spirit."
Diana Van Slyke
"If you are having any kind of issue, give him a chance to help and you will not be disappointed. I will be forever grateful that he shares his talents and gifts with all of us and we benefit tremendously from them!"
Mary Kay
"I’m no longer depressed or stressed out...I’ve lost 25lbs (still more to go) down a sizes on top 2 on the bottom!! I have lots more energy and feel so much better about myself."
Linda Wiley
"Going to Dr. Vargas has help in so many ways I can't began to tell you how my life has changed. I contributed many of the problems I was having to old age because I had no idea what was going on. When I would go to sleep at night at times I would stop breathing and I could sleep all the way through. I would get two hours here and two hours there and it was never a full eight hours uninterrupted sleep. I would wake up tired and be tired the whole day my energy level was just sapped. My eyes would burn on occasion and I would have a pain in my shoulder. I no longer have problems with my eyes burning and my oxygen level has increased dramatically (I can breath), you don't know what you miss until it's gone."
Sarah Fruitos
"I have had Psoriasis for all of my life. The worst place was in my scalp. I had tried every cure, every product- nothing ever helped... For the first time in my life my psoriasis is totally gone. Not even a speck or a flake left. I thought it might start creeping back but I seem to be maintaining this balance and its not coming back."
Diane Johnston
"I experienced Severe pain in my hips and lower back Pain and weakness extended to my thighs and knees. It was painful and difficult to " Walk, set or lie comfortably in bed. (I was really miserable ! I couldn't lift or play with my grand-kids. I feel like myself" again.I sleep Well. More with ease and comfort. Pain is virtually gone ! I can walk and exercise and "run" with the grand kids."
Vicky Shedd
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