Natural health isn’t a better health solution just because it’s natural. Natural health is a better solution because it produces better health outcomes by treating the cause and maximizing function instead of managing symptoms while an illness continues to progress. Our goal is to transform your health, not just a temporary fix.

Advanced Healing Center understands the merits of Natural Health and how it can be applied to virtually anyone seeking to reclaim their health – especially those with chronic conditions.

Assessment & History

Your story is the most important component to your case. By listening closely and investigating your medical history with more detail, we are able to recommend the most appropriate lab testing and lifestyle recommendations. These labs are much more comprehensive than traditional blood work.

Our Bio-Pulsar instrument utilizes advanced biofeedback technology helps find emotional and physical imbalances that may be affecting your health.

Dr Vargas uses his years of experience with energetic pulse testing and medical intuition to design an individualized program to find the cause and get results.

Customized Nutrition

Based on your initial assessment and lab findings, a customized meal plan and nutrient solution will be created for you. This ensures you are taking the right supplements and eating a balanced diet to address your nutritional needs.

Lifestyle Education

You will receive health education as part of your program, along with several opportunities to attend workshops and seminars. Lifestyle education ensures your long-term success. As an active participant in the development of your therapeutic plan, you’ll feel more in control and will be more likely to make sustained lifestyle changes to improve your health.

Check Points

Your personalized program will include strategic checkpoints to monitor your progress and the effectiveness of your ongoing efforts.

Additional Support

Our personalized treatment programs may include structural analysis and alignment, acupuncture, botanical medicines, nutritional supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, and counseling on lifestyle, exercise, or stress-management techniques.

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