About Doctor Vargas

Doctor David A. Vargas

As a child, David Vargas found himself exhausted and riddled with trauma stemming from underlying food sensitivities that he and his family had no idea existed. He couldn’t sleep because of sinus issues which effected his learning experience at school. His parents did their best with the knowledge they had to help him resolve the issues. He was soon clogged with seemingly endless doses of antibiotics and a multitude of other medicines which destroyed his digestive health and immune system. He spent years trying to repair the damage done by the drugs that were meant to fix everything. Fast forward to Chiropractic College where David realized that a chiropractic lifestyle wasn’t only about pain management but rather about all around wellbeing. He learned that health is about spinal alignment, healthy nutrition, consistent exercise and a beneficial mindset in a system working together as one.

After a lifetime of trials and lessons and over 25 years of professional experience, Dr. Vargas has established a successful health practice where it is his goal to find the root cause of your conditions in order to resolve any health concerns you may have. He strives to help you succeed physically, emotionally, mentally and professionally. Dr. Vargas’s unique healthcare facility takes a vitalistic approach to health – meaning that the body is self healing and self regulating. Our main goal, at Advanced Healing Center, is to find and remove blockages, implement the best raw materials and nutritional supplements, and to find structural balance so that energy can flow more freely. Dr. Vargas utilizes over 25 years experience, his medical intuition and specialized testing as needed to get to the root cause of problems. This enables us to provide our patients with safe, effective, non-invasive alternatives that complement the common practices of traditional Western medicine. Our goal is always to heal the cause and transform our patients’ lives, not  just treat the symptoms.

He has had much success with chronic pain and health problems such as gut health, low energy and autoimmune conditions.

Dr. Vargas is a graduate from Indiana University Bloomington, IN. He received his Doctorate Degree of Chiropractic from Logan University in St. Louis. He has been nationally certified in Acupuncture and has studied with many experts in the field of Natural healing 

He has studied and is a huge advocate of  Mindset technology and incorporating our thoughts and energy to create better health and the life of your dreams.

Dr. Vargas has also been trained in using flower essences (different from essential oils) these help address stress and heal emotional traumas which may be affecting your physical, emotional health, and well-being. These can also be help to promote spiritual connection and development.

He developed the HEAL Protocol which utilizes pulse diagnosis, nutritional testing, acupuncture and structural analysis to find and help correct imbalances.  Our program can reduce or eliminate pain and help with many other conditions to help you heal naturally and be your best. 

He has studied natural healing techniques in auricular/acupuncture, chiropractic/cranial, nutritional and energetic testing from experts all around the world in order to help create a healthier lives in our community.

Dr. Vargas has studied various healing modalities to help his patients promote and activate their natural healing abilities. Which can help your health issues and prevent degenerative diseases to have your best life!’s


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